Getting Out Of The Kitchen And Getting Back Into Shape

I recently realized just how dangerous it is to spend so much time in the kitchen cooking up tasty treats and indulgent desserts for everyone. While being pregnant it was fine, after giving birth I soon caught a glimpse of just how much I over did it. That first glance in the mirror when you realize that you have wrecked your figure can be a little depressing for a lot of new Moms, so I looked into ways to reclaim what I was once so proud of.

This is when I came across the benefits of having a jogging stroller. I was a jogger in a past life, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to get back into the groove. Plus, this allowed me to save on the hassle of finding a baby sitter.

I dove right in and found a running stroller that fit my wallet and it turns out to be something that I love to use everyday. My little angel loves it as well and the entire experience has been something that we both enjoy immensely.

I thought I would share my amateur review of the model that we bought, the Joovy Zoom 360. It is a budget-friendly jogging stroller designed for running on multiple surface terrains and unlike other jogging strollers with fixed front wheel, it has a swivel front wheel that has the option to switch to lock mode making it great for sporting as well as for daily activities.

Another great feature of this Joovy is its large air-filled tires with an excellent rear wheel suspension which provides it with a smooth ride even on uneven surfaces. For my husband and I this proved to be the best running stroller for our family. We did a lot of research before buying, and the review of the Joovy Zoom 360 seemed to have everything that we wanted at the price we wanted to pay. Turnagain Times latest jogging stroller reviews rate this particular model very highly.

This model can be used for both strolling and jogging. To enhance the user’s experience, the stroller comes with a parent organizer, runner leash and a tire pump ensuring you of enough storage space where you can keep your stuff during a ride. Some of the pros and cons of this stroller are as follows:


Large Canopy

It has a large canopy that is good for protecting your kid from direct sunlight and other elements that can pose potential harm to your infant. It is also important to note that the canopy is suitable for taller kids.

Extra wide reclining seat

This running stroller has a wider seat than other joggers that can accommodate babies up to 75 pounds in weight. It has an easy reclining mechanism that can be adjusted by one hand via a strap system. Recline position is not very deep and the seat is not very upright and hence making it super comfortable for a baby so much that your baby will most likely fall asleep.

Rear wheel suspension

Probably one of the notable features of Joovy Zoom 360 is its excellent 3-inch rear wheel shock absorbing suspension. The rear wheels do not have an axle but rather each wheel has an independent air suspension. Integrated in a sturdy aluminum frame, it provides a smooth ride on non-smooth surfaces and hence keeping your child perfectly comfortable in his/her seat.

Swivel front wheel

The swivel front wheel design that can turn in any direction makes this jogging stroller very easy to maneuver in any direction even in very crowded areas. Moreover, the fully rotating front wheel can be locked in a straight position by just a flip of a switch. This makes the unit be more stable and easy to keep it straight while travelling in a quick pace.

Easy fold

The Joovy Zoom 360 comes with an easy fold design that makes this stroller very convenient for travel as well as for storage. This model can also be folded into a more compact size when required. This makes it extremely suitable when you want to embark on a trip in your car and you need to carry it with you. It also economizes space when you need to store it for a while in your home.

Large storage basket

This type of stroller has a large storage basket at the bottom that can hold quite a lot, it can easily fit a bag, diaper or just about anything you would want to bring along with you. It also has two interior pockets that can be used to hold the baby’s bottles, toys or diapers.


Non-adjustable handle bar

The handle bar is about 40” from the ground which is fine for an average height person. But for a shorter or taller person the handle bar cannot be adjusted appropriately. This is only an issue of both parents are drastically apart in their height. Being slouched over while running is not very good for your back, and the same can be said for having to reach up.

For its price, the Joovy Zoom 360 jogging stroller is a wonderful option for parents looking for an easy to steer model that will help you get back into shape after having a baby. In general it rides well and offers you great value for your money.