How many calories in a toaster strudel

How many calories are in a packet of Toaster Strudel icing?

Natural & artificial flavor. Great as a snack. Per 1 Pastry with Icing: 180 calories; 2.5 g sat fat (13% DV); 180 mg sodium (7% DV); 10 g sugars. Box Tops for Education.

How many carbs are in a strawberry Toaster Strudel?

% Daily ValueTotal Fat 13g17%Total Carbohydrate 53g19%Dietary Fiber 1g4%Total Sugars 19g

What’s inside a toaster strudel?

The Toaster Strudel website lists all ingredients for the pastry together, but we can guesstimate that apple flavored Toaster Strudel jam contains apple puree, high fructose corn syrup (and possibly also corn syrup solids, dehydrated HFCS), corn starch, maltodextrin (an artificial sugar), sucralose (also marketed as …

How much does a Toaster Strudel weigh?

0.7312 POUNDS

Who actually invented Toaster Strudel?

Gretchen Wieners

What does strudel mean?

A strudel (/ˈstruːdəl/, German: [ˈʃtʁuːdl̩]) is a type of layered pastry with a filling that is usually sweet. … The pastry descends from similar Near Eastern pastries (see baklava and Turkish cuisine).

Who is Toaster Strudel boy?

Hans Strudel

What was the first Toaster Strudel flavor?

Toaster Strudel was in full distribution back in 1985. The first flavors included: Strawberry, Blueberry, Cinnamon and Raspberry, followed by Apple and Cherry.

Do toaster strudels have egg?

Pillsbury™ Strawberry Toaster Strudel™ 12 Ct. Enriched Flour Bleached (wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, ferrous sulfate, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), Water, Palm And/or Soybean Oil, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar, Maltodextrin, Dextrose. … Contains wheat and milk; may contain egg ingredients.

How many calories should I eat a day?

Estimates range from 1,600 to 2,400 calories per day for adult women and 2,000 to 3,000 calories per day for adult men. Within each age and sex category, the low end of the range is for sedentary individuals; the high end of the range is for active individuals.

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